Van gratis Lightroom presets naar verkoop gehele Preset Systeem- Mijn eerste 5 mails.

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Jeroen Langeveld 4 jaar geleden geplaatst

Hierbij de eerste 5 mails van 6. Op de zesde ben ik nog aan het broeden. Met de tips van vanmorgen ga ik aan de slag. Sorry voor het lange en daardoor minder overzichtelijke bericht. (Misschien een idee om Word bestanden als bijlage bij te kunnen voegen?) Graag jullie hulp, commentaren en aanvullingen.



I'd like to personally thank you for subscribing to MrLangeveldPhoto. My name is Jeroen and I'm the founder of MrLangeveldPhoto, nice to meet you! I'm here to help you with all your photography problems especially editing in Lightroom. I'd like you to learn to edit faster, better, easier and of course make sure your images will become more stunning than they already are.

Make sure not to miss my emails; I will send freebies, tutorials, tips & tricks and new product deals.

For now please follow me @ Facebook and Instagram.

Again nice to meet you and talk soon, Jeroen. (MrLangeveldPhoto)

P.S. if you have not downloaded my free set of Lightroom presets click this link to download them.



I’d like to thank you again for joining this group. I’m sure you cannot wait to learn more about photography and editing your photo’s. First a little story how I came up to start all of this:

Travelling is one of my passions. On our travels, together with my wife Ivette, I like to make pictures. My goal is and always was not to make the regular hotspot shots, but make beautiful photographs. The kind you like to hang on your wall. I always come home after a trip with a lot of photos. It’s really time consuming to cull through all the photos and edit them. But I always do. Learning Lightroom the hard way by just doing it and by doing I improved my skills and especially fastened my workflow. Photography has always been a hobby for me since I was 18 years old, I then bought my first SLR and the learning started. In 2006 I bought my first DSLR. And this was really great. From that time I discovered Adobe Lightroom and learned how to make my photos more beautiful. Step by step. Making lots of pictures during our holidays and having fun editing them. Now 26 years after I bought my first camera, I’d like to help you with the things I learned myself the hard way. The main focus will be on editing in Lightroom. In the next emails I will send you tips and tricks. I will send you tutorials, some freebies and special offers for members. Membership is free by the way?.

The free Lightroom presets you already downloaded are an example of what you can expect from my still to be published system. I developed this (in my words “Genius”) system: The MrLangeveldPhoto Preset System. It's not only "one click presets." it's much more than that; It's a complete system that will fasten your workflow and your pictures will be perfect much faster. When you order in advance you’ll get 67.5% discount. Now only 49,- US Dollar regular price will be 149,- US Dollar.

Talk soon Jeroen (MrLangeveldPhoto)

P.S. if you have not downloaded my free set of Lightroom presets click this link to download them.



Now that you've had some time to play with your new Lightroom presets, chances are you have many questions! You have opted in on my email list because you probably want to improve your editing skills, edit faster and get more beautiful photo’s than you already have. You’ve probably heard many times that you always should be shooting in RAW. But do you know why it’s so important? And what it does to your images? I will tell you.

First off, what is RAW? RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. When shooting in JPEG image information is compressed and a lot of valuable information gets lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW you’re able to produce higher quality images and you are able to correct under or over exposed images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format. Nowadays many cameras shoot RAW, including point and shoots and even some mobile phones! So even if you’re using a little camera, you might still be able to take advantage of the RAW file format.

So here is a list of advantages of shooting in RAW: • Get the best quality images. All cameras technically shoot RAW. Yes, it’s true. The difference when you shoot in JPEG format is that the camera does it’s own processing to convert the RAW information into a JPEG. Because RAW files contain all the information, you are able to get the best out of it. When working with JPEG, many information already got lost in the camera processes the image. See it like this: the camera does all the thinking for you, so the camera sharpens, saturates, changes the contrast, changes the white balance and adds noise reduction. Don’t you want to have the control over all of this? Conclusion: you get a better quality image when shooting RAW. And you want the best right? • Easy to correct under or over exposed images. Because you have all the information, it’s much easier to correct a photo that is under or over exposed. You won’t be able to do this when you shoot in JPEG. With RAW you have additional information in the file, so it’s much easier to correct the image without a drastic reduction in quality. You can also recover more blown highlights and clipped shadows. • Easy adjust white balance. You are able to correct white balance afterwards in post processing programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe RAW. You don’t have to worry to set your white balance on location. When you shoot JPEG the white balance is applied to the image. You can’t just easily choose another option. With RAW the white balance is still recorded, but because you have way more data, it’s easy to adjust. • Nondestructive editing. When post processing your photo’s in Lightroom, you don’t have to worry about ruining your images by editing. Everything you do is non-destructive. When you make adjustments to a RAW file, you’re not actually doing anything to the original data. What you’re doing is creating a set of instructions for how the JPEG or TIFF (another file format) version should be saved. • Get better detail. When you do the thinking, you can better decide how to sharpen and use noise reduction. The sharpen and noise reduction tools in post processing programs are much more powerful than in your camera. This provides a better quality image with more detail, more sharpness.

However there are so many advantages of shooting in RAW, there are some downsides: • They need to be processed. An argument not to shoot RAW is that the files must be processed in a post processing program. This is more time consuming. This might be true if you are not doing any editing to your photo’s. However, most photographers do some minor editing to their JPEGS. Only think Instagram filters. In Lightroom it’s very easy to add color tones or a matte effect to photo’s. Especially when you use my presets? • The RAW files takes more space on your computer and memory cards. Since RAW files have more uncompressed information they can be 3-4 times larger than JPEG files. This is definitely a concern for many photographers, especially those who create a lot of images. But over the past few years, the cost of hard drives has really dropped, and they’re incredibly affordable. • RAW files slow your camera down. RAW files are larger than JPEGs, so they’ll fill up the buffer of your camera faster. The camera will still shoot the same frames per second, regardless of whether it is RAW or JPEG, but you may have to wait for the camera to write to the memory card if the buffer fills up.

I hope this all makes it more clear for you. And that you now know why I think shooting RAW is better.

Talk soon, Jeroen (MrLangeveldPhoto)

P.S. If you liked the free presets you should really check the whole set; The MrLangeveldPhoto Preset System. It's not only "one click presets." it's much more than that. It's a complete system that will fasten your workflow and your pictures will be perfect much faster. When you order in advance you’ll get 67.5% discount. Now only 49,- US Dollar regular price is 149,- US Dollar.

download here:



Did you know that The MrLangeveldPhoto Preset System also works very well on photos taken on a mobile phone camera? You can import your photos in Lightroom and give them exactly the edit you like. You can scroll through the different editing styles with different color tones (like Instagram Filters, but much more beautiful ?). Darken or lighten the image, change highlights and shadows. Change contrast. Warm it up or cool it down. Make it more or less vibrant. Add lens correction, sharpen and add some noise reduction (if needed). And finish off with a vignette. In a few clicks your photo is done and ready for export. Choose now for a small JPEG for multimedia or a large JPEG for storing on your hard drive or printing. The next image was taken with an iPhone 6s, I edited in my MrLangeveldPhoto Preset System. In just a few clicks this was the result: Quiet nice isn’t it?

                                                                                                                                                           Edited in                         Straight out of iPhone                                                                                                MrLangeveldPhoto Preset System

               (foto plaatsten lukt mij helaas niet;-) )                                                                           (foto plaatsten lukt mij helaas niet)

Download now this amazing system for this crazy introduction prize of 49,- US Dollar. That’s 100,- US Dollar off the regular prize. It's not only "one click presets" it's much more than that. It's a complete system that will fasten your workflow and your pictures will be perfect much faster.

Now only 49,- US Dollar regular price will be 149,- US Dollar soon. download here: Talk soon, Jeroen (MrLangeveldPhoto)



Do you ever come home after a shoot, import your images into Lightroom and find out your photo's are not tack sharp? Disappointed you just start editing but you get more frustrated every time you have to throw away a blurry image, what you thought was a good shot. Number one reason for blurry photo's is a too slow shutter speed. Shutter speed is the length of time that the digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light. The longer the shutter is open, the more light reaches the sensor and the image will be brighter or more exposed (to the light). You can use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action or a slow shutter speed to show movement. The slow shutter can be beautiful in landscape photography. Maybe you know the pictures of waterfalls with water as smooth as milk. You'll always need a tripod and more equipment for those shots but that's another story. For now you will need a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate camera shake when shooting handheld and also freeze your subject if it’s moving.

There is an easy formula for shutter speed: Minimum shutter speed=1/focal length. So when you shoot with a 50mm, your shutter speed should not be below 1/50 sec with a full frame camera. Shooting a 100mm your shutter speed should not be below 1/100 sec and so on.

When you have a crop sensor you can multiply this with factor 1.5. 1/50 X 1.5 makes 1/80. 1/100 X 1.5 makes 1/160

Remember this: the longer the lens, the more sensitive for shake. So you have to fasten your shutter speed to reduce the blur caused by shaking.

And then there is movement. When shooting a still object or person which is not moving you can get away with a slower shutter speed than when you are shooting a formula 1 car at full speed.

Safe shutter speed for  - still objects 1/125  - portraits. 1/160  - portraits of kids 1/250  - playing & running kids 1/500  - fast sports. 1/1000

It's possible to use slower shutter speeds, but with these numbers you are more sure to get tack sharp images.

There are more reasons for blurry pictures besides shutter speed, but I will come back on that later. I hope these tips will help you in the near future to get sharper photo's all the time.

Talk soon, Jeroen (MrLangeveldPhoto)

P.S. If you liked the free presets you should really check the whole set. It's not only "one click presets." It's much more than that. It's a complete system that will fasten your workflow and your pictures will be perfect much faster. Now only 49,- US Dollar regular price is 149,- US Dollar

download here:

John Slabbekoorn 4 jaar geleden geplaatst

hoi @jeroenlangeveld

Dankjewel voor het delen van je mailtjes. Ik wil je vragen om de mails als word bestand te uploaden. Dit is makkelijker beoordelen :D

Je kunt ook word bestanden uploaden via het Add pictures icoontje. 

Bijgevoegd een test word bestand om te laten zien dat het lukt ;)

Jeanet Wolf 4 jaar geleden geplaatst

Goed dat je het hier deelt en heel mooi begin. @johnslabbekoorn​ gaat er op terug komen om ze verder te optimaliseren.

John Slabbekoorn 4 jaar geleden geplaatst


Ik heb de 5 mailtjes allemaal doorgelezen en was geboeid door het onderwerp maar ook de manier waarop ze geschreven zijn. Prima zo. 

Het enige wat wel belangrijk is om goed over na te denken en op te schrijven is het mail onderwerp. Veel mensen onderschatten dit maar het onderwerp bepaald of mensen de mail gaan openen. Als dat niet pakkend is dan kunnen je mails nog zo goed zijn, het eind resultaat zal dan minder goed zijn. 

De mails zijn dus prima maar waar het op gaat aankomen is de verkooppagina. Je wilt mensen door laten klikken naar een goede salespage waar je de lezer vervolgens moet overtuigen.

Wat mij tijdens het lezen van de mails te binnen schoot is dat een of meerdere Voor-Na video's het heel goed kunnen doen. Nu heb je een voor-na foto wat goed is maar nog wel twijfels kan oproepen. Een foto bewerken kan je immers 3 uur over hebben gedaan in Adobe Photoshop bijvoorbeeld. 

Als jij op video een ruwe foto inlaad en met een paar muisklikken kan bewerken tot geniale foto doormiddel van jouw preset dan verhoogd dat de geloofwaardigheid enorm.

Mensen krijgen ineens het geval dat ze jouw product nodig hebben.

Ik wijd alweer uit maar denk er eens over na hoe je jouw doelgroep verder kunt overtuigen bij jou te gaan kopen.

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